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    Email registration page problem in Flash site

      I have a simple query. I have been trying to teach myself Flash / Actionscript and need some help.

      I am trying to add a mailing-list registration page to a flash site. I'm using a service called 'Constant Contact' and in order to register an email address the URL submitted needs to pick up the input text and tag it on the end.

      The steps i have taken are:

      1. Made an input text box in my Flash movie with the instance name 'email'.
      2. Added the below actionscript to the submit button:

      The URL variables work to access the 'Constant Contact' registration page, but it will not tag on the input text at the end.

      The submitted URL should be:
      http://ui.constantcontact.com/d.jsp?name=ccoptin&m=MYNUMBER&p=oi&ea=INPUT TEXT

      If I add an email address to the actual URL in the code, it works just fine. I just need to pick up the text in the registration box.
      Have i made a simple mistake in my code or design?