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    .MTS File - Resolution Issue(s)

    HirschV Level 1

      Greetings all --


      Been awhile since I posted here, mostly because sadly I don't use this software all that often ... I am currently using Premiere Elements 10 on Windows 7 (useful for those who know more about the software than I do).


      I have a 1 hour 45 minute or so .MTS file that was recorded at a resolution (frame size) of 1440 x 1080. (PE 10 recognizes the file format, so I first tried working with it without doing anything ...)


      When I try to save it out to .AVI or save to a DVD, I end up at 740 x 480. This gives me a pixalated video. It's got lines through it, and when played on the TV I have a small frame inside a big black border. I would like to at least save it to 1080x(whatever the standard is), but can't seem to find a way to do so.


      I tried using PE 10, I also tried using Nero 9 ...


      Any thoughts? This is discouraging, to say the least. Thanks in advance for advice, suggestions, etc.



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A DVD is no larger than 720x480 http://forums.adobe.com/thread/544206


          For larger, you need to create a BluRay... or export to a file for computer playback, or to a memory stick if your TV has a USB port and will play computer files


          Importing Video http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1065281

          -and project settings http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1112086

          Saving & Sharing http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1051093

          Sharing for Computer http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1058237

          Steve's Basic Training Tutorials... steps are the same for several versions


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            As John says, unless you're burning a BluRay disc, you're going to get a standard definition 720x480 video.


            This video, when saved as an AVI or DVD file will be interlaced. So it may well look jaggy, as if there are lines through it, when you're viewing them on your computer. (VLC Player negates a lot of the interlacing.)


            You don't say how you're playing your video on your TV. But, if you're playing a DVD, it should still fill your TV screen -- it just will not be high-definition video.

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              HirschV Level 1

              For some reason or other I never realized that standard DVD was 720x480. (Don't yet have Blue-Ray ...)


              When I watched on the TV I had burned a DVD (with menus, etc. from PE 10), and watched it that way. The video was black-boxed/letter-boxed all the way around, rather than just at the top and bottom like I'm used to seeing with widescreen -- in other words it isn't filling the screen as expected. Is there some setting I am simply overlooking?

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                HirschV Level 1

                And further ... thinking about things made me realize I wanted to look at settings. I am trying outputing the .AVI specifically as Widescreen. This may help, I honestly don't know. I will also make sure when I burn the DVD (tomorrow) to make sure I am burning the whole as widescreen ... I don't remember having to do that specifically but it's been awhile. I may have completely binked.

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                  HirschV Level 1

                  Setting the videos to widescreen did take care of the pixallation but not the "fill the screen" issue. I think the latter may have been the setting on the camera. I left it at the default. Looking at the manual, it was defaulting to STD format .. for future videos I have upped this to a High Quality setting. There are four on the camera. Not sure what would be best for my purposes. Obviously the higher the quality the less video can be recorded, which isn't necessarily a problem if planned for, I guess.


                  Anyway, thanks for being a sounding board. I'm done for now ...

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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    >Not sure what would be best for my purposes


                    Test... Test... and Test again!!! (before you have a time critical project)


                    Since your work flow is video to DVD... test every camera setting and create a DVD at each camera setting


                    Play each DVD and see how it looks on your TV... then select the camera setting that gives YOU the best mix of editing and output


                    Again... do all this before you have something important or time critical that you wan to record and put on a DVD


                    As you do your multiple tests... ask any needed questions here... AND make written notes of the steps to produce a "best" DVD