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    How handle Add Media Failure Error: File Video Dimensions (Width/Height) Too Large?


      I am a brand new user of Premiere Elements.  I am using it for stop gap animation, bringing in digital still photos from my Nikon D3200.  I just attempted to bring in the first set of photos from the SD card.  I'm running Windows 7.   After loading the photos, an "Add Media Failure" box came up with the message "Error:  File Video Dimensions (width/height) too large".   Is something wrong with the width and height of the photos and if so what do I need to do to make it work?  There were 763 photos, but the message seems to refer to the height/width of each photo and not the total file size so to speak - right?  During the import process, the program prompted us to bring the photos in as images and not as videos -- so that is what we selected.  Thank you for any assistance.