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    Many random frames are either out of order, missing or repeated (5.5)




      So I've encountered this when I'm using bluray footage.


      In order to get it to play in Adobe Premiere, I use:


      -MakeMKV to rip the disc

      -MKVExtractGUI and mkvmergeGUI to remove the forced subtitles

      -Xvid4PSP 5 to convert the MKV's to MP4's.


      Now the MP4's seem to run fine, and don't have any particular issues on their own. However, once I get my MP4's into Premiere and start working with them, it renders many scenes completely unusable. SOMETIMES's its fixable, and I was able to move frames around and delete repeated frames to get some things working, but frankly it wastes FAR too much time and even in the end I sometimes am just missing frames that I can't get to work.


      This is a VERY frequent issue that I encounter and if anyone could help me solve it I would be ETERNALLY grateful. I will provide the sequence settings for both sequences in which I've encountered this issue.


      Sequence 1: http://i.imgur.com/nExrv.jpg


      Sequence 2: http://i.imgur.com/BS8PT.jpg (Ignore the Media pending, I didn't let it load)