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    Rendering time jumps from 0:00 to 54365422532523:00


      So, having a real problem with a particular video.  Been trying to get it rendered for a day.  I have even gone in and started from scratch to see if that is the problem.to render


      The first time it seemed to render fine, but as I was watching for QC, the audio went into a loud screetching sound for about 5 seconds.  The rest of the video was fine, but that screetch made the video unacceptable.


      Every time I have rendered since it either, when it appears to be fininshing, jumps to a unlikely amount of time to complete, or if it does complete, there are screetches somewhere in the video (random locations each time).


      Clicking on cancel after waiting for minutes after the time jumps results in the program freezing, to which I have to kill the process to get use of my computer back.,


      I am running Windows 7 64-bit.
      Adobe Priemere Pro 6.0.0


      Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


      Thank you.