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    Why do some of my audio tracks appear to move and become a mess to look at when I zoom in?

    Teddy Adams BA

      I've been having this issue for a long time now, and it only happens when I'm working on certain parts of my sequence. When I zoom in and try scrolling through the tracks, everything becomes a mess. Nothing ACTUALLY moves, and the audio is heard, but I can't work on the tracks as I need to since I can't pinpoint and highlight them. I've included a couple of pictures below. The tracks shift to the left or right and start overlapping each other. To the left, where it should say Audio 4, Audio 5, Audio 6, etc., it starts saying, for instance, Audio 5 over and over. I talked to an Adobe representative who looked over my project and computer and told me that I just needed to upgrade my RAM to 16 GB and that the problem would be solved. I now have 16 GB of RAM, but the problem persists. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm editing on CS6 on a mid-2012 MacBook Pro that has a 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 512 MB. Thanks!

      Persisting Issue photo.JPGPersisting Issue photo 2.JPG