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    Help with secure zone/ forum registration


      Im having difficulty grasping the secure zone concept and ive spent days watching videos and reading online so I hope someone can help push me forward.


      I built the site with Muse, and im using dreamweaver and the BC site (older view) to help edit.  I have a creative cloud subscription.


      First I want to create a registration page to collect custom information on users, for example:  The site is about traveling, so I want users to be able to select which countries they have visited, upload a photo, and control their own profile.


      I want this user information to control the forums, their own blog, and their own photo galleries.



      I'm not afarid of doing the work it till take to get this done but I dont understand if I need to use webforms,  or web app.  The forums module has a default registration page that is very basic, can I use that for a template and just expand it? 

      Also I attempted to make webforms and use them, however when I publish my site live again in muse, it seems to delete any forms I made in BC, do I need finish using muse and stay away from it now that the basics are complete?


      Thanks for your help, and any leads or overall concepts that I am missing would be great!  Thanks!