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    Cross-Platform Links

    Kenneth C. Benson Level 4

      I'm freelancing in a small design office where the artists work on Macs and everyone else works on PCs. I've come to understand that Macs and PCs see the same server paths differently. If I save a file on a Mac with a good link to




      I must relink it to




      L: and MKTimages are PC and Mac names for the same network drive.


      Because the art files are arranged alphabetically  in separate folders it's not practical to relink art every time we pass a file from Mac to PC or vice versa. For years now, they've dealt with this limitation by having the artists do all the picture work. Now I'm being asked to work on a PC, and I need to be able to place pictures.


      I found a script that will change MKTimages to L:, but I'd be happier with a plugin. Is there a plugin that will automatically interpret Mac server paths as PC server paths and vice versa? Seems like a simple problem that someone must have already worked around.


      Ken Benson

      Pegasus Type