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    Safe Area set up.

    shooternz Level 6

      Is there a way to set up a Safe Area in AEFX in different Horiz and Vert settings?


      Eg. 30% Horiz and 10% Vertical


      Currently I have used two settings to achieve this.


      Title Safe 10% and Centre Cut Title Safe 30%


      .. but I would prefer a single Safe Area rectangle on the screen instead of the two, this workaround produces.


      Why does AEFX assume that safe areas are identical on the H and V?  I hav never seen them specced that way .

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          AE's safe areas are broadcast spec, but hardly anyone uses the safe areas any more for anything but legal disclaimers. As far as I know there's no way to change the template. You could always create your own guide layer.


          I've been in television and film production for more than 40 years. Broadcast spec as always been action safe 95% and title safe 90%. LCD and Plasma displays don't overscan as much as CRT's Projectors also don't overscan very much. That's why most folks only strictly follow the 90% rule for legal disclaimers. Most lower third crawls extend into the safe action and beyond. I've never heard of a spec that didn't have equal values for horizontal and vertical. AE's safe area template works for both square and non square PAR's. It just looks wrong in non square uncorrected.


          If you are talking safe action and safe title for a 4:3 broadcast of a HD (widescreen) image all bets are off. I'm on a cable network at home that uses different crops for re-broadcasts of the same program on different channels. MASH is cropped top and bottom on one network so it looks widesacreen and shown 4:3 on the other with black pillars. I've even seen it shown 4:3 but scaled even more so that there's black all around the picture. Commercials are all over the place on different channels. It's all kind of a mess.

          AE safe action safe title:

          Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 8.23.11 PM.png

          Guide layer created with two masks and stroke. Both for 16X9

          Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 8.27.55 PM.png

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            shooternz Level 6

            Actually Rick..


            British, Australian and NZ Broadcasters do require all graphics to be in Safe Areas defined by their own spec and standard.


            Not just legals ...


            ....but the reason for the Standards does have everything to do with legals (and potential  liabilties associated with them.)


            After some lobbying, we in NZ have just had our  Graphic Safe Area for HD revised from SD Safe to effectively 14:9 Safe Action. Area. (nearly )


            Spec is now   defined :   HD 16:9 Graphics Safe is 70% of 16:9 width, 90% of Height


            Image shows what we wanted and what we had ... but the spec as above is  we got.  It is fine.

            TVNZ Safe Graphic Spec.png




            Your second frame grab image is what I have achieved as well with these settings but I was hoping to get a setting that overlayed a single rectangle. 


            Not a biggie but just would have been "cleaner"  to work with in AEFX. 


            Interestingly....I can achieve it easily in Premiere Pro though.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You can create any mask shape you like, apply stroke, then use it as a guide layer. Not as convient as PPro but EZ enough especially if you save it as an animation preset.


              You can't eliminate double rectangles but you could set the Action Safe and Title Safe to 10% and Center Cut to 30% in Guides and Grids preferences. Would that be close enough???


              Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 12.55.53 PM.png

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                shooternz Level 6

                Yep....thats what I had done.


                It will do fine.