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    Wny does ACR 7.3 open a .JPG with different dimensions than PS 13.0.1 x64?


      I have a .jpg file that opens in Photoshop 13.0.1 x64 as an image with dimensions of 5588 x 4627 pixels. If I set Photoshop to open it in ACR 7.3 it opens with dimensions 4453 x 4418 with the image looking squished horizontally and cropped at the top.


      I captured the image on a Nikon D600. I developed the NEF with DxO Optics Pro 8.1.1 and output a TIFF. I opened the TIFF in Photoshop (without using ACR) and did my editing including  some transformation to create mirrored wrap for a canvas. There are versions saved as PSDs. I resized the image for output and used PS to create a JPG. That JPG causes the strange (to me) behavior when Photoshop tries to open the file.


      I used the same PSD to create multiple JPGs with differing levels of quality (varyiing from 9MB to 27MB). Photoshop exhibits the same behavior on all of them.


      If I process the JPG thruough ACR, the resultant image retains the bad dimensions and distortions.


      The Adobe "chat" preresentative said this was expected behavior in a 2+ hour chat. He/she said that they were able to replicate the different dimensions on their end with their images.


      Does anyone know if this is normal behavior? If so, why?


      Has anyone experienced something similar?






      I am running this on Win7 x64 Home Premium with 8 GB RAM. I also have LR 4.3 installed on the computer and previously used it to process the same NEF file.