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    Skipping Frames

    shurleynova Level 1
      I have tried and tried and somethings work half of the way and others not at all.

      I have a series of images that shows progress along a 12 month timeline.
      When a play button is pressed the movie plays and the images display in succession at the framerate hard coded to the swf. I know you can't change the fps of the swf once it is playing but is it possible to create a button that will make it play every 10 frames, or every 5 frames, to give it the impression that it is going faster without actually increasing the framerate

      any help would be great I have tried the playF thing that kglad suggested but I can't get it to work. You would think that something like this would have a built in function in flash by now I can't be the first person to want to have a fastforward button that yuo dont have to hold down to make work.