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    How to create clipping mask in photoshop touch?

    sashakit Level 1

      I want text to be only outline with photo showing through it like a window. I believe I need to create a clipping mask. Can I do that in photoshop touch? If so, how?

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          mjarrott Adobe Employee

          Hi Sashakit,


          In Photoshop you would definitely be able to use a clipping mask, you've got the right idea. There is no masking feature in Photoshop Touch, but I found you a way to get the same effect!


          1. Open the image that you would like to show through the text.




          2. Choose the More menu (& symbol) and choose Text.




          3. Type your word or phrase and arrange it where you'd like it to show through. Choosing black or white for the color is the easiest to see but it doesn't much matter what color you choose.




          4. Use the Magic Wand Selection Tool and be sure to tap the additive option. When you tap each letter, it will make a group of selections because you chose the additive option.




          5. Now that your letters are selected, make sure you tap the bottom layer (with your photo). The selection should still stay active.




          6. Choose the menu with the pencil icon and choose Extract... this will delete everything outside of your current selection.




          7. Now you can delete the layer with text on it or change it to invisible to see your new image!




          I hope this helps. Cheers!