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    No video playback after 20 minutes of editing with




      I have problem with Premiere CS6, which is driving me insane. After around 20 minutes of editing, Premiere stops showing me any video content. I can still interact with the program, the only thing that doesn't work is viewing clips and interacting with them in the timeline. The only things I see are grey boxes.


      After quitting Premiere I cannot immediatly restart it, because it stays forever at "Loading ExporterQuickTimeHost.prm". It is also notable that after quitting Premiere CS6 the application stays in the task manager und is not killable. I read that "Adobe QT32 Server.exe" (which is also still running and is not killable after quitting Premiere) might be the issue but I didn't find a way to fix the problem.


      I am working on Windows 7 64-bit machine with DNxHD enocoded files in a mov-wrapper. I reinstalled Quicktime (newest version) but the problem remains.


      Any suggestions?