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    control of loading things on adobe edge.


      I dont know where i can post this so i posted here, sorry for my bad english too.


      I am using adobe edge 7 preview nice software but i have a few issues,


      - i have two symbols :

           1. first symbol is just a square moving around the stage for 20 seconds

           2. second symbol is a slider of images , each image have a size around 1 mega, and when it symbol play show the first image lowing opacity then second image and this....




      My question is the first symbol is very light and the duration is 20 seconds how i can play my animation and when start it it show the first symbol (ligh size) but while its playing load in background the second symbol , so when it finish the second symbol is already for play without load in time, for user effect i wanna do this, i thinked like some when the first symbol is completed loaded , it being to play and the second in background start loading for be ready when it need to play after the 20 seconds.


      Again sorry for my bad english i hope u can understand me .


      Thansk for all.