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    After effects cs6 giving bsod (blue screen of death)


      My after effects has been having a series of problems, some of them I have fixed some not. Recently, after effects had been giving me bsod after 1-2 mins of opening. I fixed this by reinstalling aae. Now I am having a problem where if I click too many things at once it will suddenly just crash and give me bsod. Even when I save the project, when I open it again, the project is still there, but when I ram preview, it just cuts off frame by frame eg. It will play fine, then in one random frame, it will just go black, then back to normal on the next frame. Sometimes there are two frames of black screens. As a result of this, I have had to restart an edit that I had worked 3 hours on twice. The last time, I just finished the edit, and just ram previewed to see the whole thing over again, then my screen suddenly froze, unfroze, froze, then bsod popped up. I am really fustratrd over this, and if anyone could give any advice, it would be a great help.


      I am using a Dell XPS 15 laptop, around a year old, unmodified in any way,

      6GB ram, according to after effects. I don't know how to check my comp specs, but if it is needed, please info on how to check that.