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    Flv playback component skin not loaded

      I have a list of FLVs and want ot show an instance for each of them in a scrollpane.

      I put a scroll pane instance on the stage. Assign a content path to a Movie clip in library. In this movie clip I placed following lines of code

      streams = new Array("d:/work/flv/audio1.flv", "../flv/audio2.flv", "../flv/audio3.flv", "../flv/audio4.flv", "../flv/audio5.flv", "../flv/audio6.flv", "../flv/audio7.flv", "../flv/audio8.flv");
      thisObj =this;
      streamCount = streams.length;
      for (var i = 0; i<streamCount; i++) {
      thisObj.attachMovie("FLVPlayback", "p"+i, i);
      eval("thisObj.p"+i)._height = 50;
      eval("thisObj.p"+i)._width = 420;
      eval("thisObj.p"+i)._x = 0;
      eval("thisObj.p"+i)._y = 50*i;
      eval("thisObj.p"+i).contentPath = streams ;

      now I can see all the eight instance of flvplayback component. But I can't see the skin loaded. so there is no play, pause, seekbar and volume button. the "ClearOverPlaySeekMute.swf" is also in the same folder.

      Please help.
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          if eval("thisObj.p"+i) is working... then you should add

          eval("thisObj.p"+i).skin= "ClearOverPlaySeekMute.swf";

          alongside the others after your attachMovie

          I think the component has x and y properties over _x and _y and a setSize(w,h) method as well - which may give better results if you strike any problems with the sizing and positioning the way you're currently doing it.