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    flash cs6 load static plugin problem

    geekTumiso Level 1

      Hello everyone....I'm having a problem with getting WTO8_SimplePlugiin to work!! I'm new and using the walkthroughs to learn.


      i keep getting an:

      C:\xampp\htdocs\Arthub\flashTumi\WT08_SimplePlugin.as, Line 521120: Access of undefined property AkamaiBasicStreamingPluginInfo.

      and also the :

      C:\xampp\htdocs\Arthub\flashTumi\WT08_SimplePlugin.as, Line 31172: Definition com.akamai.osmf:AkamaiBasicStreamingPluginInfo could not be found.

      I tried looking for solutions on this forum,but all the answers seem to help flash builder and flex developers, i need a solution for flash professional cs6...what am i missing???


      Tumiso[south africa]


      thanks everyone...