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    How to remove a loaded image on the stage from a symbol containing a button?

    resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      1st the setup:

      1. General map is loaded


      2. On a click event, an larger image of the region is loaded with the following code (thanks to Joel's demo). On mouseover the name of the county appears and on click a popup (symbol) shows some info.


      $('<img id="region1" width="310" height="475" src="images/region1.png" usemap="#region1">'+'<map name="region1">'+...

      '<area id="Dallam" shape="rect" title="Dallam" coords="29,17,97,58"/>'+.....


      3. In the popup symbol, I want the large image map to be remove on the click event of the button: "View another region" . I have the following code which does not work (the image is not removed) resulting in what you see below:







      So my question is how do I remove the image (large image of the region in purple here loaded as described on 2.)?