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    All text field have same value, or not


      I have 4 text fields (numeric) and I want to be able to do the following:

      - If the user enters a number in the first field, all the other fields will show the same number;

      - After that, the user can change the number in one of the other 3 fields or even delete the entry if he wants to.


      This is the Calculate script for Box1

      if(this.getField("Box1").value != "");


      getField("Box2").value = getField("Box1").value;

      getField("Box3").value = getField("Box1").value;

      getField("Box4").value = getField("Box1").value;



      and I put that validation in the other 3 boxes

      if((event.value) != (getField("Box1").value));



      When I try to change the value of one of the other 3 boxes, I get the following saying that it is not possible because the value is not the same as Box1

      InvalidSetError: Set not possible, invalid or unknown.



      How can I make this work to be as seamless as possible?