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    Table of Contents issues in large book CS5

    teloscientist Level 1

      First, thank you Peter Spier for your contributions to this forum. I have been reading your posts for the last few hours as we troubleshoot. Your clarity and patience is Amazing.


      We are using InDesign CS5 7.0.4 on win7 machine, i7 processor, 16g RAM.


      We have a coffee table picture book document that integrates 23 chapter files covering 1056 pages. http://NapierBook.com.  We did a preliminary TOC last month, everything worked fine. We completed our latest "final" edit and created 40 pages of index :-) . When we went back to re-generate the TOC this morning, InDesign crashed.


      Over the last 16 hours, we have tried a bunch of variations, everything we could think of, all of them cause InDesign to crash when we try to create the TOC. Here is what we have done…


      We trashed our preferences, opened a new book, and start importing the chapter files fresh.

      With each file we import into the book, we check the page numbering, columns, and regenerate the TOC.

      Chapters 1-20: The page numbering works well. TOC flows well.

      Add file #21. Page numbering fine.

      When we try to build the TOC, InDesign crashes.

      reopen ID, open file #21, export idml. save as new indd.

      add to book. build TOC. Crash.


      reopen ID. open file #21. build a TOC just in that file. works fine.

      add file #21 to book. Build TOC. Crash.


      reopen ID, create new book file, import ONLY file #1 (the file with the TOC).

      build TOC in file #1. works fine.

      import file #21 to book. Only file #1 and file #21. build TOC. Crash.


      export file #1 to idml, save as new indd.

      open new book. import file #1. build TOC. works fine.

      import file #21 to book. "Update" TOC - get error message

      "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

      Runtime Error!

      Program: C…


      - pure virtual function call."

      Then, ID crash.


      new book, import TOC chap, build TOC.

      import file #21. Build (vs. update) TOC. Crash.


      Any ideas about how we might proceed?


      Thanks! Mark.