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    General info about web banner ads


      Hi,  I regularly work in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign & After Effects but now need to learn how to produce animated online ads for Web Banners etc.  As far as I understand Flash is the good choice of programme for this.  I have been told that iPads don't play web banner .swf files and require a different format for their banners, can anyone advise on what this is and can these be produced in Flash?  Apologies for the extremely open question, I just need a steer in the right direction.  Thanks,  Andy

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          Most basic animations (which are most banners) can be performed solely with some JavaScript, and more advanced banners can utilize HTML5's canvas for effects. These will be visible on mobile as well as any decently modern desktop browser (last ~4 years) and this can be created to some extent with Flash Pro CS6.


          What type of animation are you looking for? Please be as descriptive as possible on what you'd like to see happen. Then a solid suggestion on how to approach it can be made.