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    converting PDF to EPUB with lots of images


      Greetings everyone,

      I am rather new to indesign and e-publishing and trying to get a handle on how to do this properly. I am a professional photographer with years of work and have decided to create a few photo e-books. Not actually how to, but beauty, something like a coffe table photo essay, photo story book. You get the idea,  mainly photos and very little text. So here I am looking to make a ebook without lots of text. I guess mainly the opposite of what most ebooks are? I have created a few of them in indesign cs6 as a pdf and they look great ! I have tried to convert them to epub and what text I do have and or backgrounds go all over the place! obviously i'm doing something wrong! Looking for some  guidence on how to make this work? I have worked with photoshop, premier, after effects since day one of their creation so i do have somewhat of  knowledge in adobe but not for this... thanks !!!


      kevin cable