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    No sound in After Effects upon reopening the project.

    Stephen Pickering122 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I don't know if this is a glitch or something that I am just completely overlooking.  I have a fairly complex project with lots of pre-comps within pre-comps.  The footage is MTS files.  I just opened this project up after sitting idle for 2 months, only to find that I cannot get any audio to play when I do a ram preview.


      • I've confirmed the audio box is checked in the ram preview options.
      • I've confirmed the file DOES have audio outside of AE.
      • Because there are several precomps I have gone to the deepest comp to play the actual layer with the audio to try that.  Nothing.  Even the waveform is flat.  However, if I reveal the file in the project and RAM preview it I DO hear audio.


      Two months ago it played fine and I'm sure the waveform showed up fine as well- though I rarely look at it so I can't confirm the visual of it.


      Am I just missing something?  My other projects are playing fine...