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    Book Page numbers in PDF - CS5.5 error

    HSGROW_HK Level 1

      Hi there,


      I was trying to export a book with chapters and the page numbers are not coming up correctly. If i export the book as interactive the page numbers will display as 1-36 rather than a combination of A (for cover), i-iv for preface material, and 1-31 for the rest of the document. If I export as a 'for print' book pages are only displayed as alpha pages i.e A-AD for example. I have attached a screenshot for everyone's reference.


      Interstingly, the problem is restricted to CS5.5 7.5.3 for Mac (I don't have windows to test on), as a colleague who used CS6 also exported the same doc and everything was splendid. see attached image (bottom half)


      I have tried to rectify the problem by exporting to IDML and then reimporting and saving as ID native file format and create a new book for the new files, however that did not solve the problem.


      I would appreciate any feedback as to how to correct this issue on CS5.5. I understand that it is slightly different from the Official Bug #182559740 nevertheless it is rather annoying as I am about to fill the book with text and it is over 300 pages in total.  Thank you


      PDF Prob.jpg