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    Audio and Video are synchronized in the Preview, but not when I export.


      I've tried to export in many different formats including H.264, MPEG-2, etc.


      I've got two different files that I used ffmpeg to get out of an FLV file that I locally recorded on my system from X-Split. An .AVI file that I'm using for the video, and a .mp3 that's got the audio.


      In Windows Explorer, both files have a length of 05:59:51. However, in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, the AVI file has the proper length of 05:59:51, but the .mp3 has a length of 06:00:41:01, which is something like 50 seconds longer than the file actually is.


      When I play the preview in Adobe, the audio and video are perfectly synchronized. The audio that plays after the video ends is just a repeating segment of audio that is for the last second or two of video.


      When I try to export any file of any length, the audio starts synchronized, but gets unsynchronized eventually. Maybe about .5 seconds out of sync every 15 minutes or so (just a guess).


      I'm not very experienced with what I'm doing, so I'm looking for some help as to what might be going on. It was a video of a local fighting game tournament and I want to get the vods up on to youtube as soon as possible.


      Thanks for any / all help