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    Flash Player Installation Not Working


      Operating System: OSX 10.6.8

      Browser: Firefox 12.0

      Flash Player Version: Currently Uninstalled


      I needed to update the Flash Player on Firefox, downloaded the file from the Adobe website and tried to install. I open the file, put in my password for my profile and then the installation progress window opens. Basically the progress bar completes the initialization, and as soon as it goes to the next bit ('retrieving package' or something) it doesnt go any further. The window actually minimizes so its just the bar at the top and nothing else happens. All I can do is quit the installation and then Firefox automatically opens the installation failed webpage.


      I went to the troubleshooting and it told me to uninstall Flash Player which I have done, I then re-downloaded the file and tried to follow the instructions. Where it says to open the package, go to the resources folder and then open the .pkg file, this file does not exist in this folder, or anywhere in the installation. I tried just installing it normally and I get the same problem. I tried re-downloading it several time yesterday and today and I get the same problem. Ive cleared my cache and its the same problem. I believe there is a problem with the installer.


      The problem is that because I uninstalled it as per instruction I no longer have Flash Player at all on my computer, rather than a version that worked and was out of date, and I am unable to reinstall it.


      Can anyone help?