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    Premiere CS6 Preview Link Breaking


      I am in a facility that has about 20 Mac machines on a network. We all work off files located on a SAN. I am experiencing a problem with getting preview files to stay linked when the project is open on a different machine.


      I ran a bunch of tests with a rendered section on my own machine. I rendered a section, saved, closed reopened on the same machine. Renders were fine. I then changed the location of the project file several times, and the renders were STILL fine, so the project path didn't make a difference (by the way, the scratch disk location is set to a folder on our SAN, NOT the default "Same as project").


      Then I ran tests by rendering a section, saving and reopening that project on a different machine, and the renders disappear. Red bars all accross. Has anyone else experienced this? I tried combinations of checking and unchecking the Media cache box, as well as pointing that path to a location on the SAN instead of a local user application support folder, still no luck. Without a distributed processing option, we need to be able to render, say, overnight so the exports don't take forever.


      Also, I have double checked to make sure the preview files are in fact there, and they haven't moved. I can play them in qt or quick look)




      Most of our machines are of the following configs

      Mac OS X 10.6.8

      Premiere Pro 6.0.2

      Codec: ProRes LT 720 59.94

      16GB RAM 1066 Mhz

      Quad-Core 2.4 Ghz 2008 models

      GeForce 8800 512MB (a couple boxes have Quadro 4000s 2GB, ran the tests across both configs...same problem across those options)