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    Is there a way to delete the elements on the stage that start with </> Stage_

    Endoplasmic Level 2

      I'm not sure when it happened, but I noticed that in edge some of my stage elements have dupes below the list of regular elements. When hovered over they say <div> "NAME_OF_DIV" (static) (NAME_OF_DIV is just meaning that it can have many different names there, but they all start with Stage_)


      I've attached a screenshot to show you what I mean




      I've blocked out some of the names since the titles are not for public eyes


      But you can see what I mean, and the kicker is that some of those elements are getting into my code, so if I target one of them (the real one like "tile_explore" with a compositionReady it's bunging up the works saying it's undefined since Stage_title_explore hasn't been set yet I'm guessing?).


      Anyone have any insight as to how I can get rid of those extra ones below, it'd be a life saver (since I'm getting a bunch of text under my main UI that I don't want)


      The Answer!


      Answering my own question in case others come about it. At one point I exported as static HTML on one machine, but then loading the file on another didn't retain that option in the publish settings. Also it would seem that it didn't even finish the HTML (didn't close the <body> and <html> tags) so I added those back in after removing all of the static HTML divs and everything is great again!