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    flv skins don't hide when rolling off

    Timmato93 Level 1
      I have a flv playing through a swf, with a skin with a few controls in Director. It plays fine. When I roll on, the controls come up. When I roll off, the controls don't go away unless the mouse is being pressed. Is there a way to make this work without the user pressing down.


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          Timmato93 Level 1
          The issue seems to be that if the FLV is the same size as the SWF the rollout isn't caught. But if you add extra space around the video, it catches the rollout if the mouse moves slowly enough.

          I'd still like to find a working way to code this.

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            I shipped using this technique. However, the flv videos didn't play that well off the CD unless they were set to Direct-To-Stage. The result of that was the background transparent setting of the sprite didn't work in director, and there was a large area of black around the flash. I finally had to copy the background all the way to the edges of the screen and section of the presentation and paste it into the flash holding the swf. Also, when I copied my 1024 wide screen out of Director and pasted it into flash, it kept coming out as 1026 pixels, and it took a bit to get it exact so in the director things weren't budging this way and that.

            So the solution I found (for now)t o the FLV controller skins not autohiding in Director was to add background area around it inside of the Flash.