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    XMP files batch reset?

    rmintzes Level 1

      Hi all, a friend of mine is a photojournalist and is having an emergency.  He's telling me that the XMP files for all the RAWs he edited of a particular story have somehow been batch reset, so his edits are gone and he has no idea how this could have happened.  Is there any way this is possible?  Please help!

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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          Did he copy the images from one drive to another? Depending on the preferences set in Camera Raw: to save xm edits in the ACR database or in sidecar files, the chance of loosing edits exist if you have the prefs set to save in the ACR database and then move tose to a new computer.


          Ih he had the prefs set to the ACR database, he should be able to open ACR and change the the prefs to save in an external .xmp file. The key will be to select all the images and make some really, really minor change in ACR (like a +1 Hue or Sat adjustment then click done in ACR. That should force the writting of all the settings to a new .xmp file. He could even go back and change the setting back and re-click done to undo the temp change.


          After that, as long as the raw files and .xmp files are both copied to a new drive/computer then he settings should be retained.