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    Horrible drawing performance in Flash CS5.5 compared to CS3 on Mac

    soom1976 Level 1

      I have decided (again) to try and move on to a later version of Flash. I was on CS3 for a very long time, and so far did not have any reason to upgrade mainly because the new versions are just terrible. But I never give up. So I was told that Flash CS5.5 is the most OK to upgrade to, and with some extensions I can get it running almost like CS3. So I setup the app, the shortcuts, the extensions, the workspace, it takes like half a day, and then I discover, that I literally cannot draw on the damn thing with my Wacom pen. Because the performance is just cr***p !!! Drawing tools in Flash are so bad anyway, but now it is even worse. When I draw a curved line Flash CS5.5 just cannot process it and creates many corners with straight lines. It is obviously seen when drawing fast lines - look at the attached pictures how CS5.5 performs much much worse than CS3 (I have reduced Smoothing to 0 to get a clear idea of what's happening). What is the matter here? It isn't even funny! We buy all those new technologies for thousands of dollars to discover, that I can draw better with a mouse on Windows Paint from year1990?!

      I'm on MacBook Pro 17" i7 QuadCore, 2.3 Mhz, 16 GB RAM, and the Wacom tablet works perfect on all other apps. I assume there is no way that the problem is somewhere outside Flash CS5.5 itself, especially that CS3 shows much better results. I am gonna try Flash CS6 just to compare, but I didn't like many things there too, so probably I'm going to stay in Flash CS3 forever...


      Flash CS5.5:

      Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 02.00.31.png


      Flash CS3:

      Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 02.00.47.png