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    I would appreciate some help in capturing some VHS tapes into PP-CS6.

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      Just loaded CS6 and my 1st project is to convert some VHS tapes into HD DVD's.  The VHS player I'm using has R/G/B Component video out & HDMI in/out.  My PC video card is a Radeon 6750 with 1 x HDMI (in use for my monitor), 1 x DVI-I, and 1 x D-SUB.  My mobo, a Gigabyte GA-MA78GN-US2H, has 1x D-SUB, 1 x DVI-D, & 1 x HDMI. I don't believe I can use both HDMI slots simultaneously.  I'm not even sure I can use any of the onboard graphica ports while I'm using an external  video card.

      So my questions are; 1) which available graphic port on the video card will offer me the best VHS tape capture?  2) what are the capture settings (i.e. frame rate & resolution of most VHS tapes either home recorded or professionally recorded) that I should use?

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