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    Edge div inheriting styles when embedded in existing page


      Hi all, I'm new to Edge so apols if there is an obvious solution to this.  I'm trying to create a basic interactive slideshow/banner in Edge which I need to embed into an existing home page (the page happens to be hosted on Business Catalyst, not that I think that matters).  I have read various posts etc on how to embed into an existing site and ended up publishing the Edge project to the root of the existing site, then copying/pasting over the <script>, <style> and <div> sections from the Edge browser preview to the relevant areas of the existing (destination) page.  The Edge component loads in the correct location but part of the text within the composition is screwed up such that two lines of text overlap one another (imagine this post being squashed from top and bottom causing the text to overlap).  After a bit of inspection I figured the line-height property of the Edge div was being inherited from the css <body> rule from the existing page.  Any ideas?