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    Drop Down list Allow Custom Text Entry Behaviour


      We have created a PDF form using LiveCycle Deisgner ES3 wherein we have a drop-down list field that is checked to allow custom text entry. When we type in the few characters, it would show the correct choice from the drop-down list.


      The feature is working fine with Adobe Reader 9 but failing for Adobe reader X and XI.


      Does anybody come across such problem or is there any other way to achieve the desired functionality ?


      Please find below the behaviourial screenshot for same


      Adobe Reader 9

      Adobe Reader X and XI


      Entering AD


      Entering A in DropDown.


      1-15-2013 9-29-22 AM.png


        Entering D




      Entering E



      Now Backspace to Delete 'E'. It enshows Adelaide.




      Even if enter ADD, it shows Adelaide.