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    Healing Tool. How 2 change brush?

    Kar209 Level 1

      hello:                                                                                                                    Level: Newbie  OS: Win7 64bit   Ps:Cs6


      i've been looking for the answer to this question for quite a while and have decided to give up and come ask you kind people ...


      after a lot of searching i found lots of great info about this kewl tool but i've yet to come across anything that tells me how to go about changing the brush.


      so, should i assume this tool only has one type of brush and that i cannot change it from a soft round brush to a hard round or square or what have ya ... ??


      i would have thought that i could set it to any brush in the list ... i dunno ... maybe it is right in my face ...




      your time and help are greatly appreciated

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            Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

            The only brush settings for the spot healing and healing brush tools as far as i know are the ones you can get when pressing in the area highlighted

            in the screenshot below.


            Strangly photoshop elements does allow for picking different brushes with the spot healing brush tool.









            photoshop elements 8 spot healing brush tool:




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              Seth Urquhart Level 1

              Hey Kar209,


              I'm pretty sure this feature is not available in your version of Photoshop CS6, I have the same version running on windows 8 (which makes no difference for this question). I couldn't find any way of changing the brush nor did I see any situation where the healing spot would need a different brush? It's like trying to change the brush for the "Paint Bucket Tool". The way Healing Spot works and functions, It seems to me that it wouldn't matter your brush type. Size is the only thing that really would need adjusted for perfection work - quick work.


              Sorry I didn't have the solution to your question, but I hope you realize what you’re asking for isn't really necessary, unless you can prove me otherwise.

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                Level 7

                The Healing Brush allows you to change the brush shape.


                The Spot Healing Brush only allows round shapes.


                And Elements... has some integration issues to fix.

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                  Kar209 Level 1

                  SETH ... is being RUDE AND SARCASTIC really worth your effort??!! Most of all considering that you have NO IDEA AT ALL why i am asking!! You are the FIRST RUDE person I have come across on this forum. did you miss the part at the TOP where i list that I AM A NEW USER OF PS??!!!!    (Newbie) PROVE TO YOU?? um, what?? what do i have/or need to prove to you??  i mean really, this forum isn't for learning or for asking for help? it's for people like you that think they know everything about everything to come put new users down?! geesumcrowfish!! go get yourself some manners!


                  if there's no use for the Healing Brush to have other shapes like a square etc. then why does Elements have the option? Hmmm??


                  also, i wasn't asking about the Spot Healing tool ... I haven't even got to that one yet ... again ... "NEWBIE"


                  sorry to everyone else who did try to help. i'm sorry for the tone of my response. i just can't stand it when people are rude especially for no good reason at all.

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                    Seth Urquhart Level 1

                    Hey Kar209,


                    Sorry If I came across as rude, that really wasn’t my intention. Neither was I trying to be sarcastic. I can understand now why you thought I was being a bit "haughty" in my reply. I really am a newbie also and was just trying to figure out why you wanted to change your brush type. I haven't used the healing brush that much, so I had no idea why you needed to change it. What I meant when I said "Until you prove me otherwise" meant was “give me an example” of why you needed a different brush type. I'm so sorry you thought I was rude and sarcastic, I was earnestly just trying to give you my two cents, and you can take them or leave them it's up to you. In no way was I trying to demote you or make fun of your lack of knowledge of Photoshop, because frankly I think where on the same playing level when it comes to that. So I do hope you will accept my apology and my attempt at delivering you a helpful answer. It sounds like Chris gives you a good answer, more simple than what I was trying to explain.


                    Sorry Kar209,


                    Seth Urquhart

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                      Kar209 Level 1

                      Thanx Seth. It's all good.