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    SSD for Cache and OS?




      I'm a novice with some hardware, and I'm sure this has been asked a lot (I wasn't able to find an answer specefically for what I wanted).


      I recently got a new Sandisk Extreme 240GB SSD, I just finished migrating my OS to it. I'm curious if I could also use some of the remaining memory as cache.


      What would be the pros and cons of this? I've done some digging, and I heard it's probably a better idea to get another SSD dedicated for cache - and I'm already looking at an intel 60GB SSD. Another question would be, does the size of the SSD really matter for the Global Performance Cache, other than hold more data for previews/returning to projects etc.?


      I guess to summarize would be.


      1) Is there any harm to using my 240GB SSD for my OS AND Cache?
      2) Does the size of a new SSD dedicated to cache affect anything besides how long it holds data for After Effects for preview etc.?


      Thanks in advance for the info!

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          Good question I have being looking for that answer for a while myself and wondering if a dedicated SSD 120 just for

          the Globel Performance Cache feature.

          Found this article interesting


          Seems like the Adobe folks are all excited about this

                Dedicate fast attached storage to the After Effects cache.

                Use the Cache Work Area in Background command as you work.

                Incorporate Dynamic Link with Premiere Pro.(that would be great because my system just could not handle it)

                Render locally.

          Dont know if its just for the next gereration SSD cards Fusion ioFX ($2500 yikes) or can you dedicate a SSD 120

          seperate from a SSD256 OS drive and get better performance. When got something in your preference box you sure would

          like to use it. Loading that much cache to your OS drive ?  will it wear it out ? makes sense to me try it on a SSD120

          Sorry dont know the answer but wondering  just like you.

          Maybe some of the pros here could help out.

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            JCschild Level 3

            yes if you use a 240 or bigger

            a 120 will NOT be big enough