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    I have a valid Licence, but Adobe can't [insert expletives here] find it

    Alperian Level 1

      I bought a full single copy of web premium CS4. I upgraded to web premiums  CS5.0, CS5.5 (which contained a copy of Flash Builder 4.5 premium) and now CS6 web & design (which has dropped FB now confusingly)


      That is the history lesson over. If I have a serial number for FB4.5 premium from CS5.5, then, surely, I have a full licensed copy.


      Now. When I tried to upgrade to 4.6 from 4.5, it was such a bloody awful mess that I thought I would try to buy the upgrade from the adobe store just to get it over with. I paid £38.00 I think, but of course this was just to upgrade a standalone product. Not one that came with CS5.5, so it didn't work.


      I returned the upgrade.


      Now Adobe only sees this returned upgrade as my only access to the product. The support folk refuse to be Sherlock Holmes and are even unaware that FB was brifly bundled with CS5.5.


      What the .... am I supposed to do to get to 4.7???


      This is what happens when the marketing people make such blunders with Premium, Standard, flex, flash builder, bundled and standalone.


      I woke up to the words HELP ME on raised bumps on my stomach this morning