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    Removing Fonts added by Elements 11


      When I installed Photoshop Elements 11 it has added many extra fonts into the Windows/Fonts directory.  I try to keep my Fonts directory mean and lean.  Just the Windows System and essential plus any regular fonts that I use.  I find lots of applications if you are not careful loving stuffing their fonts into the Windows Fonts directory.  I notice that most of the Adobe fonts that have been added are short cuts to directories on the Elements application directory.  But some look as if they are essential or required fonts for Elements itself.   Does anyone know how I can clean this up?  Is there a list of the essential fonts?  Or will I have to delete them carefully one by one.  I really don't want over 380 fonts!  So I would appreciate any help.  (I have a set of my fonts in a seperate directory so I can easily re-install the personal fonts I use that are not standard such as Bookman Old Style etc....)  Many thanks in anticipatioin.

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          This is an unusual request as most users seem to want to download more fonts. In the old days we had Adobe Type Manager for Photoshop or Font Agent Pro on the Mac. Nowadays large font libraries hardly make a difference to performance on more powerful PC’s and the need for font managers has disappeared. I don’t know of any prescribed list of essential fonts but be careful when removing as this can sometimes affect other applications. Your suggestion of removing them one by one is probably a sensible approach but otherwise leave them in place unless you are having real performance issues.

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            moriarty7 Level 1

            It realise that the number of fonts these days may not slow up Windows.  But I just find it tedious when selecting a font say in Word etc... having to trawl though hundreds of fonts that I will probably never need.  So many applications like Elements add extra fonts into the Fonts directory.   I have found a program called FontFrenzy that cleans up the Font directory of Windows removing all but the essential fonts.  It also saves the font selections so you can restore.  So I clean up the Font directory of everything that I don't want and probably will never use.  In a folder I have all the fonts that I want that are not part of Windows etc... Such as Bookman Old Style etc... I then add these back in.  Hey presto a clean Font directory.  And a much smaller list of fonts to have to trawl through.

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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Glad to hear you found something that works for you.