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    AE Output Module "ignores" Audio Output




      I have created an output module as seen below. The "Audio Output" box is checked. Almost everytime I render a file there's no audio in the rendered video.... When I put the comp into the render queue, go to the output module setting, uncheck the "Audio Output" and chek it again, it works fine.


      How can I tell AE not to ignore the settings in the first place? It is kind of annoying to have to uncheck/re-check everytime.


      Anyone who knows what to do?


      I am working in CS5 (10.4.24), Windows 7. It can't be the hardware, just changed the PC....


      Thanks a lot




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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try rendering to a different codec. For production work or for delivery of a final product you should not be rendering to h.264 using AE's render cue. You should be useing Adobe Media Encoder instead. Use the render cue to render to prouction codecs.


          Do you have any 3rd party codec packs installed? This often causes problems.

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            Herwig_L Level 1

            Thanks, Rick!


            No 3rd party codec packs installed... The final product is produced in Sorenson Squeeze anyway. What I need is a fairly small output file from AE because we produce loads of clips and the h264/mov ist about 90% smaller than the uncompressed avi we used before and saves a whole lot of disk space.


            Any suggestions what output format/codec to use?