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    Multiple Digital Signatures (certificates) results in VERY slow PDF


      I created a form in Lifecycle that typically has 8 signatures.  As more signatures are added the form slows down significantly.  Our director, who ultimately signs off on the document, has informed us that it took him 35+ minutes to approve 3 documents.  The forms are on a network drive.  I had read some old threads that mentioned this issue was being investigated and the newer versions of Acrobat should help speed up this process.  We are currently running Acrobat X 10.1.4.  Any suggestions as to what might be slowing things down?  I know the digital signatures require validating and expect it to slow things down a bit but 11+ minutes is probably more than it should be.  Thanks

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          Just out of curiousity, if the form has been Reader Enabled, and, if the director could download the free Adobe Reader v11 from the Adobe web site, and he signs the file using version 11, is the signing process faster? It should be much faster in version 11 because we fixed the recursive validation issue that made dealing with multiple signatures so slow.


          If you're interested in the nuts and bolts read on, but if not I'll understand...


          The way signature validation use to work is Acrobat (and Reader as well because because the signature creation and validation mechanisms are the same in both) would start to validate signature number 8 right after the signature was created (it needs to do the validation so it knows whether or not to put the green check mark next to the signature). As part of the validation process it would need to re-validate each previous signature (and this is where things start to get weird). In order to validate signature 7 it has to also validate all previous signatures (6 thru 1) and every time it validates a new signature it has to do all of the previous signatures. Each signature would get validated as many times as it was part of the revision list. That is, signature 1 got validated eight times, signature 2 seven times and so on.


          Begining with version 11 (or XI as it says in the product) we stopped all of the recursive validation and just do each signature once which makes the signature validation process much quicker. I'm always looking for real world examples, and if you can test it with Reader XI I'd appreciate knowing the results.