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    Problem saving AE CS6




      Whenever I save my files in AE CS6, the layers have mixed there images.
      It are all .ai files from illustrator. They are put in different maps to have clean workspace.


      Whenever I save my 3D composition, the composition is screwed and I need to replace the layer back with the same name from the Ai file.
      Very annoying and time consuming.


      Does anybody know how to solve this?





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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          AE should not loose the links to footage and the compositions should not change when you save the file. Are you working from network drives? We need to know more about your workflow. Has it changed from previous versions of AE?

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            Alaskatv Level 1

            I'm working from an extern NAS system in raid, for saftey reasons.
            It wasn't before so why act up now?


            Every layer comes from one big illustrator file, imported as a composition with different layers.
            Nothing has changed to my knowledge on this workstation.


            I didn't happen again when I replaced every layer on the comp today, before I just replaced the broken layers that came up.