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    Connecting to CFC on CF Server

      We cannot connect to a cfc on our CF server using the remote object method. We are using Flex Builder 2 and have CF MX 7.0.2, which should include the required Remoting Update. This cfc works when done with a web service.

      One thing that has us baffled is the flex2gateway in the source path of the channel in the services-config.xml file. What is it? Is this part of our problem?

      We even hard-coded the source path into the services-config file and it still will not work. We have had a 403 error, a 500 error, and page not found errors.

      The cfc was the one from the article at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/helloworld.html, "Moving data from ColdFusion CFCs to Flex 2 applications"

      Please help! We are going nuts...
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          dkerr Level 1
          in general, few things that cause me to spend many hours in the past:
          What do you have in your project properties for Flex Compiler?
          -services "C:\CfusionMX7\wwwroot\Web-inf\flex\services-config.xml"

          Is your dot syntax to the cfc relative to root and same case your for cfc file name?

          do you get a blank page when you go to ../flex2gateway/ ?

          Any chance you have Sharepoint Services running on same server? This can block the /flex2gateway/ .

          I get this basic code working in many apps on MX 7.02...sample here...
          id="cfdataGet" showBusyCursor="true"
          <mx:method name="getEntryData"
          fault="getEntryFault(event)" />

          I did not have to mess with anything inside services-config.

          One thing I started doing when using Flex Builder is to select the BASIC project option. Then set my compiler to the above. Works great! I could never get the CF remoting project choice to work correctly.

          If you post your code that may help.