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    How to add an effect again (or effects with similar outcome) or "merge effects"?



      May I bother you with a question?

      Can I add the same effect twice? OR can I "merge layers", similar to PS, then add a new batch of effects?


      I have experienced the same problem a couple of times, here is an example:

      1. I stabilize my clip (by motion tracking including rotation. dozens of keyframes are added to the transformation->rotation of the layer)

      2. The result is crooked and I want to rotate it.

      3. The only (very bad) options I see: edit each keyframe, by adding my -5°; or rendering it and editing it again


      I had the same problem with plug-ins that have effect e.g. on transformation. Once I use it, the former settings are overwritten.


      I guess there is a simple answer I should be able to find in the FAQ's or tutorials, but after 2 hours I'm either blind or a fool. Could you please help me?





      I'm relatively new to AE but have PS experience. Win7, CS5, 1080p, 8GB, i5,