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    PDF Blank Gaps


      When I save the respsonses as a PDF, there are frequently huge blank gaps after some responses. Technically, the form should all fit on one letter size page, but something is causing these huge blank spaces to appear after certain fields. I have expanded the form size but still get blanks. We need these to fit on one page so any help would be greatly appreciated! Adobe SNip.JPG

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          kenc@adobe.com Employee Moderator



          Would you mind share your form with me so that I can take a look?


          Below is the list of steps on how you can share your form


          1. Click on “Design tab” on the top left corner.

          2. Click on the “Share” icon on the bottom left corner.

          3. Click on “Add Collaborator” on the popup menu.

          4. Enter kenc@adobe.com under “People to share with”.

          5. Click the “Share” button on the bottom right of the dialog.





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            kenc@adobe.com Employee Moderator



            You can fix this issue by changing your form width


            Do the following to change your form width:

            1. Move your mouse to the right edge of the form.

            2. Hold down your mouse and move it left or right the adjust the form width.

            3. Let go the mouse and the width will be set.


            Please don't hestiate to contact me if this issue is not resolved.




            Below is the screenshot of the response after I changed my copy of your form width to 700.