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    Are there only three HD Disk Menus for Premiere Elements 11?

    MGW of Boulder Level 1

      I had hoped that Premiere Elements 11 would provide more than just three HD Disk Menus.  I see one each in;  "Slideshows", "General" and "Holidays & Events".  Is this correct?


      I see many HD Templates for Titles which is great.


      In using Premiere Elements 9, I found that the Non-HD Disk Menus did not look very good when produced and viewed in HD.  Has this been improved for Version 11 or am I still limited the three Disk Menus available?


      I also note that 5.1 sound is now a selection.  Does this mean that 5.1 is output or is this only for input?


      Premiere Elements 11, Under Windows 7 on Lenovo W530 ThinkPad