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    Using 'save as...' and the options panel to optimize


      When I take a JPG and use "save as..." then select 'options' I can't seem to change the file size manually.  When the options window opens after I do save as, I go through the regular process of using the slider to change the percentage of quality.  I can see in the upper right-hand corner the file size changes.  I click 'OK' and then save in the next window and I wind up with the file in the same original size, as if I hadn't changed the percentage.  Am I forgetting something...I know 'save as...' in Lion/Mountain Lion is not a default setting, but Export doesn't give me the options I want.  Also renaming the file, moving it to another place, none of those things enable to me to save a file with the reduced file size. 


      Thanks in advance!