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    Camera Raw 6.7 won't save developer settings

    Harold's Mind Level 1

      I'm running Adobe CS 5 with Camera Raw 6.7 on a Windows Vista machine.

      I have a Canon T3i that I shoot all of my Raw files from. Which Camera Raw 6.7 supports and have not had trouble in the past.


      Recently everytime I've loaded the Raw files into a new project folder and begin to adjust the first Raw file, none of the develper settings are saved or the updated Raw file won't show anything on Bridge (The little triangle on top of the Raw file won't show on Bridge). The XMP file contains the adjustments but bridge and camera raw will not load the adjustments. I am not able to copy or paste settings from other previous Raw files either.


      The weird part is that I am able to adjust Raw files and developer settings are properly saved in older folder created previously. This seems to happen everytime I start a new project and load the Raw files into it.


      I've tried clearing out the Camera Raw cache, and export cache for that folder but nothing help. I've even tried rebooting. Only after a good amount of time has passed and I've tried to keep on clearing the cache does Camera Raw finally functions properly and saves the developer settings afterwards. It's very random and very annoying. I usually end up wating alot of time trying to get it to work and at times can get very frustrating when the projects needs to be completed.


      Has anyone had similar issues with Camera Raw? Any solutions or work arounds? Or what's causing it, and how can I avoid it??

      Any help would be greatly appreciated and would help me not loose too much sleep.