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    AE CS6 Constantly reloading frames and unable to work on scene


      So I'm having a major problem with after effects cs6 as it is constantly relaoding the frames.  Let me give you some info, so from the 3d rendering we have one pass that is completed from the scene and for example it's 1000 frames.  So those 1000 frames are finished rendering from the 3D program(3dsmax).  I'm able to bring those frames into AE with no errors and no frames missing errors. However once i start working on it in AE and since our 3d scenes we have multiple renders that render out different parts from the scene, if the 1000 frames is finished completely and we have one or two more renders that are anywhere from 500-1500 frames just as an example that are saved in the same folder as the completed 1000 frames, AE freaking crashes every damn time! Unable to work or click anywhere. Just because it is being saved in the same folder that the other ones are being saved to as well! Never had this problem in 5.5 and it is really annoying. Anyone know of any ways to work around this or having the same problem??