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    flash in director launching acrobat.

    Sketch24 Level 1
      Hi I have a flash interface imported in director. When I click the install acrobat reader button. I can't manage to make the script to work. the installer is in a different folder. \acrobat\acrobat7_fr.exe. It's for a cd-rom.

      I've try a couple script but it's doesn't work. I try:
      lingo = getURL ('lingo:open("acrobat\acrobat7_fr.exe")');
      BuddyAPI = getURL ('lingo:baRunProgram(the moviePath&"\acrobat\acrobat7_fr.exe","normal")');

      also: all my link to the pdf files doesn't work anymore in the swf. getURL("pdfs/nebb.pdf");

      If anybody could halp me with that I would appreciate thanx.