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    PPro Encountered Error - Relating to Volumes

    LeBeauStudio Level 1

      Just got a new system.  Everything was working fine for about 15 days. Then this error started happing:


      Could this be caused by the Warp Stablizer effect?  This is what I found out so far.

      Error Screen Shot copy.jpg

      I have not made any changes.  I have to hit the "Continue" button about 16 times before Premiere will launch.

      After my initial launch, it took a long time for the media to load.  After closing it down and restarting, I still get the error and have to press continue several times, but the media loaded faster.


      Below are screen shots of my system.  Thanks for any advise and your time!

      Hardware Overview copy.jpg

      Mac Pro Specs.jpg

      PPRO Versio.jpg